Your Miles for Autism – Thank You

9 Jul

I asked if you’d like to join us in walking a mile for autism; I didn’t know what to expect. What I didn’t expect was this….


Thank you @cherriemayhem and family for getting #AMileForAutism off to a fantastic start. Read about their mile here!


Thank you @Angiejanetads and family for walking a mile for autism  - despite of the rain!

Thank you @Liane_M_S and E for walking a mile for autism. I know Liane used the mile to talk to her daughter about autism because E then did this…

What a fantastic picture – thank you so much @TomLRobinson

We are so lucky to have such fantastic support, thank you for walking a mile for autism @Glocoton and her wonderful girls.

Thank you @cllrMCarr – always, a great support to us.

This beautiful little girl is Lily, thank you Lily, @njd10happy and family for supporting this cause. But wait there is more…. what a gorgeous family – thank you all so much xx


Thank you @Liza_Harding Scott and Beth for walking a mile for autism, we really appreciate your efforts today.

Thank you @tracy_harvey for joining in with today’s mile.


Thank you @billyrayblitz and @lisamarie1320 for showing your support for a mile for autism and joining us in a mile.

Thank you @Queen_Claire for walking a mile for autism and talking this wonderful picture.

Thank you @SaratheOsteo for  joining in and helping us to raise awareness.



Thank you to our children, Oliver and Edward, for inspiring us to walk a mile for autism; we are so proud of you.


Thank you Mum and Dad, Joan and Ron; you’re all amazing!


The rain didn’t stop @PrincessObtaria – thank you so much for joining in.


@TheRealSeanH  “We went walking to Rivington Barn, in the hills surrounding Chorley. It’s a haunt for local bikers and walkers. Jake loved the bikes!”

Thank you for walking a mile for autism; we’re glad you had a good time Jake x


Thank you very much @thepoeticgoblin who joined us for a mile for autism, from picturesque  Karlstad in Sweden.

Thank you to my faithful friend @_monkeyhanger_ and his family for walking a mile for autism and being a constant support to me.

Thank you to @Violetsdiary for walking a mile for autism and for writing about it in your blog post – well worth reading folks.

Thank you @mashie1964 for walking a mile for autism and for writing this…

A while ago, a lovely lady on my Twitter timeline started an extraordinary project to raise awareness & money for Autism support. I love such projects & always admire those who take time to inform people like me, you know, those who are a little ignorant of such things that don’t directly affect me. Through Charlotte’s blog & through 2 of my team in my new workplace, I’ve learned much more about autism.

The 365 miles project that Charlotte & her wonderful family are completing is inspiring, so when the call went out for 100 people to walk a mile with them on their 100th mile, I didn’t hesitate. I walk about five miles each time I play golf & today was our Captain’s Charity day. I combined the two & dedicated my first mile to Oliver & Edward, two boys doing a mile a day with their Mummy & Daddy, Craig.
The photo was taken just before I set off to the first tee. Straight away, people looked to see way was written on the note I held up. The opportunity to tell them what little I knew about autism was just what I wanted. People didn’t shy away, but were very interested. The three guys I played with spent the first hole talking about it. It doesn’t sound much, but hopefully, they will understand a little better about what autism is.
The mile went through wonderful parkland in the grounds of the Belton House estate, bequeathed to the National Trust by Lord Brownlow on his passing. I walked amongst old oaks and stunning scenery, hoping to see plenty of deer out. We didn’t see many, but as we came up the fifth hole,  saw 3 adults with two tiny deer in tow. It reminded me of Oliver & Edward in tow with Charlotte & Craig, then I realised that I was finishing my mile. The sight of those little fawns and thought of Oliver & Edward out walking with their Mummy and Daddy brought a lump to my throat.
I loved seeing the two fawns & thought about survival of the fittest. Thank heavens we have humanity and help those not quite as fit as us, to not only survive, but thrive. I hope that all those who have autism or care for those with autism, get the support they need to thrive as they undoubtedly can and do.
Congrats to all those who walked a mile for autism today and don’t forget the main charities who help, such as the Daisy Chain Project in Teesside, who Charlotte, Craig and the boys are raising money for.
Love to you all,

Thank you Ian x

Thank you to Debbie and Dave who went out and walked a mile for autism, Debbie has a wee message to share:

I am touched by what everyone has contributed to AMileForAutism Thoughts and Feelings. I am related to Craig and Charlotte and want to thank everyone for supporting them in this.Your thoughts and feelings have touched me deeply. I too have walked a mile for autism, to support them and everyone else who is affected by autism.

Craig and I would like to thank everybody for taking part, it has been overwhelming for us. And one more thing… watch this space because next year we’d like to do it all again!!!

6 Responses to “Your Miles for Autism – Thank You”

  1. Deb July 9, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Fantastic post Charlotte and congratulations to everyone on walking a mile for autism. I’m sorry if I couldn’t join in but illness struck our household and it has been impossible to get out. Deb

    • 365 Miles July 9, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

      Don’t worry Deb, I’m sure you were with me in spirit. I hope you’re all feeling a little better today xx

  2. Violets Diary July 9, 2012 at 11:13 pm #

    Well done Charlotte and everyone else. The pictures are lovely and thanks so much for the link to my post. It sounds as though there are definitely a few more people who know just a little bit more because of your efforts. xx

  3. Rich Davison (@_Monkeyhanger_) July 9, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    Some smashing photographs & so wonderful to see #ThePowerOfTwitter being put to good use with this great cause, i’m pretty sure Lotte will have been in tears at the response to this amazing effort, she’s always in tears but thankfully its tears of joy – All the very best with the rest of your campaign Lotte & family, keep smiling and keep positive.

    Lots of love

    Rich & Family xxx


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